The Trauma Mama

I help adoptive parents exchange chaos in their hearts or homes for peace. 


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Your virtual classroom awaits you in your library. Want to understand why your child thinks, feels, and behaves like they do? Need parenting strategies to help regulate the home? We have your answers.

"Brooke is the person you need in times of crisis. She has a way of diffusing situation with her calm and reassuring spirit which helps everyone to be relaxed and focused on healing. Brooke has a gift for reframing situations so that you can move forward, as a team. Our family is so grateful to Brooke for supporting us with her wisdom and guidance. "

Adoptive Mom, One-on-One and Family Coaching

"I absolutely loved it! It was by far, in all my years of training, the BEST and I have been to many trainings and conferences. Maybe because it is so exactly what I am dealing with... You did a great job and I'm referring you for sure. It actually helped so much with one of my bio kids the most, so it's really a class that is for anyone with kids. "

Online Course Participant, Adoptive Mom

"Almost 2.5 years ago we received a foster child that we were trying so hard not to disrupt because we were in over our heads. This child came to us with severe abuse, trauma and neglect. It took 6 months for me to be able to even wipe his face wihtout him recoiling in fear. We thought he was deaf because he wouldn't respond to sounds, to say he had a flat emotionless face would be too little. Brooke was able to help us more than the Behavioral Health community. Her insight, guidance, and suggestions were key in to where we all are today. This child is not talking, smiling, and thriving. "

Fost to Adopt, One-on-One Coaching

"Brooke has been instrumental in helping my family understand the complex and fascinating world of trauma and how the circumstances that have occurred in the early lives of my children have affected their brains which has in turn paused their ability to function appropriately and to the best of their abilities. She has spent countless hours of her time pouring in my life to give me the resources and helped my family understand and change how we view and react toward the behaviors that stem from the trauma experienced. In the Spring of 2019, Brooked launched a private Facebook page support group called "The Trauma Mamas" for other foster/adoptive moms as well as a monthly meet up to discuss trauma related resources and trainings. This group has been such a blessing and invaluable in helping with parenting and grieving through what our children have experienced. Brooke has a servant's heart that bleeds to help others who have experienced trauma. She is deeply invested in giving hope to heal the mind, body, and most importantly the soul. "

Adoptive Mom, One-on One Coaching

None of the coaching or instruction provided by The Trauma Mama or Brooke Fremouw is intended to substitute medical advise. Brooke is not a psychologist or licensed therapist. She is a Certified Trauma Support Therapist and is specifically trained in trauma informed care. If you are at risk or your child is at risk, please seek immediate medical help.