About Us

The Trauma Mama was created to support you in your time of need as you navigate parenting your child. Our team has worked to put together a digital university that works with you and for you. 

Meet Brooke

Brooke Fremouw has an educational backround in nursing but didn't pursue her career in the field because of the rapid growth of her family. Instead, she has been primarily a stay-at-home mom. Brooke has faced many challenging seasons in her home, thus has advanced her education. She became a Certified Trauma Support Specialist, is trained in EEG nuerofeedback services, and has taken advanced training hours for 12 years. Most importantly, Brooke is an adoptive mom to 11 children that came to her and her husband at all ages from birth to 17 yearas old. She has helped countless families to find joy, peace, and respect over the past few years and is excited to do the same for you. 

Trauma Mamas

Trauma Mamas started out as a social media support group for adoptive mothers. The group of moms all had so much in common... moms felt misunderstood by their families and friends, moms felt alone in the difficulties with their children, moms lacked resources and tools to help the children they were so desperate to guide. We began monthly meetings in person where Brooke trained on one topic each month. From that group, this website has now been born to reach moms all over the country, right in their homes. Want to join us on FB? We would love to have you! 

The Family

There were times in Brooke's life as an adoptive mom over the past 14 years that she was short on hope, and short on perspective. Now that many of her children are adults, it is easier to say with confidence that the story of the trying adopted child is truly still unwritten. By introducing you to adult adoptees and even her husband, Brooke is able to help share perspective that she otherwise couldn't. 

Jason and Brooke have been married since 1998. Jason is a mortgage lender by trade but a full time father to all 11 of their beautiful kids as well. Jason gives strength and wisdom as he speaks to his role as an adoptive father. 

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