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Does Childhood Trauma Change the Body of the Child or Just Their Thinking?

Nature vs. nurture is a question that has been asked for decades.  Does your DNA or your life experience speak louder into who you grow up to be? The testing has been done and the results are in... yes, it is both; however, it STRONGLY leans toward nurture or environmental exposures as the greatest factor impacting the outcome on today's children. 

It is interesting that proponents of the argument for our biology being the strongest factor for childhood outcomes would point to adopted children as proof that the very DNA that adopted children were made up of would likely be the reason for difficult adoptee children in an otherwise "healthy" home. Studies have since shown that the very fact that these children NEEDED to be adopted led to one of the greatest trauma events any child could ever experience simply in needing to be separated from the biological mother.

As an adoptive mom to 11 children myself, I know adoption is a HUGE blessing. And yet I also know that it is...

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