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Letting My Birdy Fly

More and more this month I have taken calls from moms in distress because their rebellious child is now a rebellious adult that has chosen to leave the home. This is a BIG shift for us mamas. And it is one that leaves us feeling powerless, afraid, angry, and hurt... yet partially relieved in some cases. Questions arise on what parenting to an independent child looks like. "How much do I still do for my son and what is fair to expect in return?" " I feel like she hates me and only calls to use me when she needs something." It is so hard, Mama. I know it is. 

Losing an adult child to their independence when they are healthy, employed or in college, and are emotionally and behaviorally stable is a lot easier. We moms may feel some anxiety and loneliness, but we have the assurance that our fledgling is going to fly despite perhaps a few initial stumbles. If this describes you, Mama, you've done well as has your child. 

If this doesn't describe your empty-nest experience, it...

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