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Memories are Interpretted, Not Recalled

parenting relevant memory Dec 20, 2019

Memory is relative. There can be facts in any given memory and yet each of us adds perception to the past event. Why is it important to recognize this as mamas to trauma exposed kids. Let's take a look.

One adopted child told her mother that her aunt Jan was her favorite person in her life and that Jan saved her. Her aunt was a drug user, alcoholic, cussed like a sailor and left this child in a crib so she didn't have to raise her. This aunt wasn't a consistent source of stability for the child, so the child got moved to a foster home within a short period of time. This child's perception of Jan to this day is that Jan is a hero despite the facts being as they are. 

What you don't know is that the child afore mentioned was nearly killed by her birth mom. This child was just a baby when her mom burned down their home when the drug lab imploded. A sibling was killed and CPS moved all of the children out of the fire and into the aunt's care. Now, can you see why the child has a...

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